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CoD5 Details Revealed
Last December we reported that Treyarch would be working on the next installment in the Call of Duty series, set in the Pacific.  An article in this month's issue of the Official Xbox Magazine has confirmed this information, along with giving some new details about the game.
This fifth installment of the popular war FPS series will abandon the numbering scheme, being named simply Call of Duty: World at War.  It will be primarily set in the Pacific battlefield, pitting you, as the US, against the Japanese forces.  Players will have to deal with the unusually aggressive tactics of the Japanese, who utilize as much of the environment as they can to get the jump on you.  There will, however, be the occasional European mission, such as the Russians moving in on Berlin.
Perhaps one of the most intriguing new features will be an online 4-player co-op mode.  There will also be the usual online multiplayer element, with new vehicles of course.  A new "leader" system will also be implemented, giving additional benefits to those who stick close to their leader.
Those fans of the gameplay of Call of Duty 4 will be pleased to hear that World at War will be developed on the CoD4 engine.  There is one major difference: more destructible environments.  This will allow you to make good use of the new flamethrower weapon, unleashing your inner pyro to burn grass and trees to flush out the Japanese soldiers.
Call of Duty: World at War will be developed on a two-year cycle, as opposed to the 11 months that Treyarch was allowed for CoD3.  Hopefully this will enable them to create a high quality game to continue on the Call of Duty legacy.
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