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NVIDIA’s latest graphics card – the GeForce GTX 580 has been out for less than a day, but already manufacturers are falling all over themselves to get their own versions out – and why not? After all, the Fermi-based GTX 580 stakes its claim to the world’s fastest graphics card. Colorful too has joined the bandwagon of manufacturers with GTX 580 cards by releasing a factory overclocked piece.


Gigabyte, Palit, PNY, EVGA, Sparkle and Zotac have already hit the market with their GTX 580 cards, so Colorful’s wading into the fray is not surprising. But the factory overclocking does give the manufacturer’s card an edge. For starters, Colorful has upped the core clock of its GTX 580 to 800 MHz, a good deal higher than the 772 MHz of the reference card.


The clock on the 1,536 MB GDDR5 VRAM of the card has also been boosted to 4,200 MHz from the 4,008 MHz of the reference. Other than that, Colorful has not made any other significant changes to the card design. The dual-slot cooling remains the same, though there are rumors that the manufacturer might add a new fan design to keep the card cool and silent.


Other details of the card include full support for CUDA, PhysX, 3D Vision and SLI, which make it ideal for multi-GPU setups. With its factory overclocking, the Colorful GeForce GTX 580 should be an attractive package for enthusiasts and gamers and could catch the fancy of a few.


However, with its pricing and availability still a mystery and most other overclocked GTX 580 cards priced at around $550, it might not be a surprise to see Colorful placing its card in the same range.


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The factory overclocked Colorful GTX 580