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Cooler Future from Arctic

Arctic have just released information for their new Accelero Extreme 7970 Cooler which will be Available on 31st of Jan.

The cooler is dubbed as a VGA Cooler for Enthusiasts, is this the case well looking at some of the information below they may just be right.

1. Unmatched Cooling performance of up to 300 Watts 

2. 3 ultra quiet 92mm PWM fans with low noise impeller

3. 5 Heatpipes along with 84 fins for efficient heat dissipation

4. Patented Fan holder eliminates any annoying buzzing sounds

5. Easy removable G-1 optimizes RAM and VR thermal conductivity

6. Pre-applied MX-4 Thermal compound eliminates hassle of applying yourself

7.CrossFire compatible allowing for multiple cards to have the cooler installed for an all round cooler experience.

8.Compatible with AMD Radeon HD 7970 / 7950 / 7870 / 7850

Yes that's right, by the looks of things there may be some more cards being released from our friends over at AMD.

For more information on the Cooler please visit Arctic's Product page

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