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Cooler Master 690 II Advanced White Edition Video Review


The Cooler Master 690 has been a favourite with enthusiasts since it was first released many moons ago. Rather than hacking at the design like a bad Polish cosmetic surgeon the designers at Cooler Master felt that some subtle changes to enhance the original winning design would be a much better bet for 2010.

Talking of 2010 this year we have seen an explosion of fresh-faced White Chassis' appearing everywhere, White definitely has become the new Black. Not to be left out Cooler Master have released the 690 II Advanced White edition, everything in the case from the tool-less hard drive bays to the dust filter meshing comes in the angelic shade of White and just goes to show the level of thought and attention to detail that has been put into this design refresh.

Lets take a look at the specs before we head over the page to see the full video review and conclusion.

Available Color
Steel body/ Plastic + mesh bezel
Net weight: 9.56 KGGross weight: 11.56 KG
Micro ATX / ATX / Mini ITX
5.25" Drive Bay
3.5" Drive Bay
6 hidden1 exposed
I/O Panel
USB 2.0*2 / eSATA*1 / MIC*1 / Audio*1
Expansion Slots7+1
Power SupplyStandard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V


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 Cooler Master 690 II Advanced White Edition Video Review

Conclusion & Video Review 

We felt a video for this case would be the best way to show it off properly compared to a standard review. That and the fact when put in the light tent it cloaked like a Klingon Bird Of Prey into the background!

Cooler Master have taken the award winning 690 II Advanced and have made everything white. The hard drive bays are now white plastic, the dust filters are white, the tool-less drive bay clips are white, obviously the case itself has been given a lick of gloss white powdercoat but even right down to the water cooling grommets in the back are now, yep you've guessed it, white!

The fans are all clear but we have all been in agreement that just the front fan having blue LED's is a bit of a let down as it looks spanking gorgeous. These can be bought cheaply and easily enough, this could also give you the excuse to explore different colour options. It's a shame to see Cooler Master following the Corsair route of saving a couple of pennies but spoiling the look.

Its great to have a mid-tower sized case with real water-cooling support. Some manufacturers use the loose term water cooling support but this is well and truly a water coolers dream for its size. It's not just the support for a decent thickness 240MM radiator in the roof but if you remove the bottom half of the hard drive cage you can fit another in the floor as well. This really does mean you can have a fully water cooled system in a mid-tower chassis, but to make it even better the white case really will show off your coolant and give you the excuse to paint your radiators to match!

As more and more white products are released from power supplies to water-blocks, cases like this can only become more and more desirable. With some clever planning you really can paint the inside of the case with light to completely change the look of the internals, making the 690 II practically a modders dream.

For something so different to the norm we normal expect to pay a premium, especially from a big name brand like Cooler Master. However, they've released the 690 II at a mere £80 which is the perfect point for a high-end mid-tower case, let alone one that looks as good as this and ticks every box on the list.

With all the details taken in to account how could we give this anything less than the coveted OC3D Gold Award.


Thank you to Cooler Master for the 690 II on test today, you can discuss your thoughts in our forums.