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The New Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Chassis

The New Cooler Master Cosmos 2 gets officially Released to the public on January 3rd you may have seen many leaked pictures around the internet which we could post here, but we are going to stay squeeky clean and just ask you to come back on the the day the case gets released..... So you can read and watch the full review! Yes thats right our very own TTL is currently building a house rig in the Cosmos 2 as I type!

Cooler Master Cosmos is still regarded by system builders and enthusiasts as something of the future and ahead of its competition when it was originally released. Now Cooler Master as going to release their new Flagship chassis: the Cosmos 2

We are hoping to expect some new and innovative features to come from this new and highly anticipated Chassis.

To keep up to date with the product and any information please keep an eye on the Cooler Master page and make sure you check back here January 3rd.

Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Launch Page

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