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Cooler Master GX Lite Series

Today in the land of Cooler Master they launched a new series of Power Supplies to celebrate the new year: The GX Lite Series.

This all new series will consist of  500W, 600W and 700W version and will be placed between the GX series and the Extreme series and is targeted at the Mid-range to the upper mid-range

It has some of the familiar features shown in the GX range which are one powerful +12V rail which provides plenty of power to the system; can easily support a dual VGA system (both SLI and Crossfire) and has a strong resistance to overloading. Next to the +12V rail, there are plenty of other good features which make the GX lite series a great choice.

Some of the other features the Power Supply has are things such as:

  1. 1. Intelligent fan speed control
    1. The GX Lite series feature a 120mm silent fan with a built in speed control to not only provide great airflow but can also ramp down to nearly noiseless.
    2. 2. Up to 88% efficiency  
    3. This means that power is decently distributed to components and not wasted as heat.
    4. 3. Even more features
      1. This series does not only have a high efficiency and built-in fan control, there are many more noteworthy features present in these power supplies. They include dual layer EMI filters to both reduce noise and to protect the connections by reducing the interference. There also is an active PFC/PWM controller included for further increase in efficiency and massive bulk capacitors with a hold up time of less than 17ms to make sure the PSU can handle peak loads much better. Last but certainly not least is that the GX Lite series offer several protections like OVP and OPP to prevent damage to the system in any way.

Because these new Power Supplies are of a high quality level Cooler Master have also decided to offer three years warranty to this series of PSU.

So far there are three models in the series which are:


For more information and a full list of specifications please visit the Cooler Master Product Page.

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