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Cooler Master Hyper 612S HSF Announced

Cooler Master has announced the 612S HSF, the latest product in their Hyper range of coolers. With a total of 6 heatpipes running through a copper base and a huge surface area of aluminium fins to dissipate the heat this cooler should offer good performance. The heatpipes are precisely laid out so that they all cross the CPU "hot spots". The radiator design is optimized for better heat dissipation at lower fan speeds allowing for a quieter fan to be used so this product is clearly designed and marketed with quiet operation in mind.

As you would expect then the 612S model is supplied with a 120mm fan running at 1300RPM or 900RPM with the included silent mode adapter, this should insure low noise levels. It also has support for a second fan for a push-pull setup, although only one fan will be included the snap-on fan bracket makes installation very easy. This also aids with cleaning allowing the fans to be easily removed for cleaning and access to the heatsink fins.

This heatsink has a wide range of Intel and AMD socket support, covering all the latest designs like 1155 & AM3 and some older setups like 775, 1366, AM2 and others. This allows the Hyper 612S to be compatible with a wide variety of systems and should allow use of the heatsink if you decide to upgrade in the future.

Cooler Master has told us that we should expect this product to be ready to purchase in September this year with an expected MSRP of £39.95. For more information and detailed specifications please visit the Cooler Master Hyper 612S Product Page.

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