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Cooler Master is known for its cooling solutions and the master added a new range of case fans to its lineup today. Introduced today is the first of a range of three new 120mm case fans that has been dubbed the Turbine Master series.

The first fan of the range carries the name of the Turbine Master Mach 1.2 and is the part with specs in the middle of the range. It features a top speed of 1200RPM and throws air at an impressive maximum flow of 56.5 CFM. Despite this, its sound output is a calm 21.1 dBA.

The fan is based on a Barometric Ball bearing that promises a life expectancy of 100,000 hours. Each of its 16 blades is removable and replaceable and the fan is simple to install on the case with the rubber and metal screws, four each of which have been supplied. Power supply to the fan is through a MOLEX-to-3-pin adapter.

Cooler Master is already shipping the fans with a price tag of $16. The two other fans of the series – the Turbine Master Mach 0.8 with 800 RPM and the Turbine Master Mach 1.8 with 1800 RPM speeds are also in the pipeline and slated for release soon.

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Cooler Master Intros 120mm Turbine Master Fan Series