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Coolermaster support Green efforts
CoolerMaster have today announced they are giving away a "green car" (a Toyota Pious) as part of an ongoing initiative by the manufacturing company to promote awereness of global warming and show how green their products are.
Taipei, Taiwan – December 24th, 2007 – Cooler Master launches the Green Guard Program in an effort to bring focus to PC power supplies and the environmental effects of modern desktop computing. To encourage participation, Cooler Master is giving away a BRAND NEW 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS!

How To Win
Users simply have to prove their energy efficiency to the world! After signing up for a free CM Club Membership on the contest page, there are 2 easy ways to enter:

1. Post a blog that shows what steps you are taking to help conserve energy.
2. Purchase an energy efficient Real Power Pro/M PSU and enter a valid serial number into the contest site.

“As one of the top brands in the PC power supply market, it’s truly exciting to be able to present an energy efficiency program that educates and gets people involved. Through the Green Guard Program we hope to make more people aware of the importance of being energy efficient.” says Joey Cheng, Product Manager of Cooler Master’s PSU Division.

Not a bad deal if you want a nice PSU or case. We took a look at CM's RealPower pro and decided it was a great PSU.
Will you be going eco friendly in your blog or do you plan to buy a CoolerMaster PSU? Tell us about it here