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CoolerMaster Hyper Z600 Launch today

Today, CoolerMaster has launched the new Hyper Z600 passive CPU cooler. The cooler is in fact completely silent as it has no fans but while keeping quiet the Hyper Z600 will still be able to cool a Quad Core CPU with a power consumption of up to 89watts. This is quite impressive as everyone with a Quad will know how much heat they can really throw out. The Z600 is not just aimed at people who want a silent operating computer - CoolerMaster have thought about both sides of the spectrum as the Z600 can take up to two 120mm fans for those of you who like to overclock.

With zero tolerance for noise, the distinctive “X” design retains rapid heat transfer and creates a lower back pressure, forcing air to pass through quickly. Optimized fin spacing along with interlaced fins presents an ingenious method to maximizing surface areas. To top things off, the mirror finished copper-base extending into the 6 heat-pipes allows the Z600 to passively cool and take on even quad-core CPUs running up to 89W

The Hyper Z600 is compatible with all existing CPU sockets.

Dimension: 127.28 x 127.28 x 160 mm
Material: Aluminum fins with copper-base
Heat Pipe Dimensions: φ6mm x 6
Weight: 1045g

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