CoolIT Brings Out Four New Products Page: 1

Watercooling solution manufacturer CoolIT has always had the goal of providing top-notch cooling solutions at an affordable price.  At this year's CES, CoolIT has continued to push towards this goal, bringing in four innovation awards with their newest products, the ECO, VANTAGE, OMNI, and Maestro systems.

Of the new products, two are intended for use as a CPU cooler.  With continued refinements to the pump, radiator, and CPU block, the ECO A.L.C. cooler is intended to be a fully-sealed, maintenance- free performance cooling system.  The ECO is to be priced at $74.99, making it unbeatable in terms of value and performance in CoolIT's eyes.

The next step up in sophistication comes in the form of the VANTAGE A.L.C. cooler.  Featuring a 84x84 backlit LCD screen with 2.4GHz wireless communication module and CoolIT's ESP (Extra Sensory Peripherals) wireless technology, the VANTAGE is the world's first wireless-ready CPU cooling solution.  The VANTAGE is expected to be available next month at a price of $124.99.

CoolIT's newest cooling solution in the GPU field manifests itself in the OMNI system.  Utilizing a two-stage design, the OMNI is a universal full-cover GPU block system.  A simple interposer plate customized for various graphics cards allows the user flexibility in choosing their card and maintaining their cooling configuration.  Like the VANTAGE, the OMNI cooler makes use of CoolIT's ESP wireless control technology.  The OMNI will come in both 120mm and 240mm radiator varieties, with price depending on graphics card of choice.

Last up is the system behind CoolIT's new wireless control system, Maestro. While CoolIT would obviously prefer users to utilize their new wireless control technology with their own VANTAGE and OMNI systems, they are not foolish enough to limit it as such.  The Maestro ESP wireless control system is capable of optimizing the performance of any third-party pump and fan through its three 3-pin headers.  The Maestro comes with an ESP control node, a USB wireless controller, an external temperature sensor and a strip of 9 RGB LEDs capable of 16 million colors.  The Maestro system will retail for $89.99.

"Liquid cooling is the future" remarked Geoff Lyon, CEO, CoolIT Systems. "The advantages of CoolIT's liquid solutions far outweigh any air-based or competitive liquid cooling product, and at CES this year, we're here to prove that."