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Liquid Cooling Solution provides extreme cooling for NVIDIA’s Hottest, New Graphics Cards Cooling for NVIDIA GTX280
Aftermarket cooling manufacturers CoolIT have released the NV200 VGA Coldplate which is compatible with the new GeForce GTX280 and GTX260 cards recently announced by NVidia. 
The solution features a single slot, high performance liquid cooling solution that effectively cools the GPU, RAM, nVio Chip and VR that, when mated with CoolIT’s award-winning liquid cooling technology, provides extreme cooling to achieve optimal performance for the GTX280 in single card or SLI setup.

The CoolIT Systems NV200 VGA Coldplate is now available with the VGA Reference solution and 120mm Radiator and will soon be available as a stand alone product for the DIY market.
The CoolIT NV200 VGA Coldplate price is $299
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Will the CoolIT NV200 VGA Coldplate deliver the goods and tame the beast?
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