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CoolIT Systems Unleashes the Boreas CPU/GPU Cooler

CoolIT Systems announces the availability of the highest performance liquid cooling system on the market, the Boreas. Driven by CoolIT’s patented MTECTM liquid cooling technology, the Boreas employs 12 Thermoelectric Coolers(TECs) which is capable of effectively cooling all of your computers critical components. The Boreas is now available on CoolIT’s website and can be customized with multiple CPU/GPU configurations. This marks the first time CoolIT has offered this liquid cooling beast for retail sale and also the first time any MTEC Chiller will be made available for the DIY enthusiast to build and fill themselves.

“The Boreas chiller was created as a statement to show what is possible with our MTEC technology as the most powerful cooling solution on the market. We felt that this tremendous product should be made available to the entire PC Enthusiast market.” said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems. “We’ve been extremely impressed with some of the modifications and enhancements our customers have done with the Freezone and we’re eager to see the creativity that will be inspired with the availability of the Boreas” adds Lyon.

The Boreas is available now from CoolIT Systems starting at $450.
CoolIT Boreas

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