CoolIT Unveils the Freezone Elite V2 Liquid Cooler Page: 1

Cooling solutions provider CoolIT yesterday announced the release of its new Freezone Elite V2 Liquid Cooler, which the company claims, keeps the CPU’s temperature much lower than traditional coolers. This, according to CoolIT, should significantly increase system stability.

CPU coolers are generally designed to keep the chip from burning out due to overheating. CoolIT’s Freezone Elite range of water coolers ensure this does not happen by keeping the CPU superbly cooled. The Elite V2 adds to this Freezone range from CoolIT and also stakes its claim to being the most advanced cooler from the manufacturer.

With its 121 x 82 x 65mm aluminum radiator, the V2 is a rather large cooling device. It features a nickel-plated copper waterblock and has a pump that can throw 210 litres of water per hour. Though pretty high-powered, the pump only has a sound output of about 15dBA.

For cooling, the V2 has a 120mm ball bearing fan with a rotary speed ranging from 1,100 RPM to 2,500 RPM. The ensemble on the whole is an impressive one that can keep the CPU temperature down by several degrees. For overclockers, this means measurably higher potential for overclocking.

To add to the V2’s chances of success, CoolIT has also removed any CPU model or brand specifications on the cooler. The Freezone Elite V2 is compatible with both Intel Socket LGA 775 and LGA 1366 CPUs, as well as with AMD’s AM2, AM2+ and AM3 processors.

The cooler has already started shipping and is available at a cost of €339.

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