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Core i7 EE 965 Pictured Core i7
Chinese site Mobile01 were recently sent an Engineering Sample of the Core i7 EE 965, the most powerful of the upcoming Bloomfield processors at launch. They published a set of pictures, which include the new stock cooler as well as size comparisons to current- and older-gen CPUs.

As we can see from the pictures, the new stock cooler is a bit larger and also incorporates some copper fins in with the usual aluminium ones. Some may be disappointed to see that the pushpin-style mounting system will still be used.

Pictured here is a side-by-side size comparison between the new socket LGA1366, a current LGA775, and older socket 478 CPUs. Mobile01 also layered the processors on top of each other to give a better idea of the size differences. Obviously, the new i7 processor is a fair bit larger.

Unfortunately, they have not received a motherboard for testing yet, so no performance numbers are available from them at this time. Hopefully they will get one soon and we'll be able to see some more current results in the near future.
Core i7 stock cooler vs older stock cooler
Core i7 vs LGA775 vs Socket 478
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