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Corsair AF Series LED Fans


When it comes to fans, users always have different opinions and favourites. Some fans are more orientated towards static pressure, which are more suited for radiators and heatsinks as they expel the air with more force, whilst other fans are more geared towards shifting the most amount of air.

Over the past few years, the technology behind fans has actually progressed a lot. There are two parts in a fan that can create noise; the blades creating turbulence in the air, and also the noise the motor makes in spinning the fan. Companies have developed new ways to make the motor noises almost silent, and also developed fans which move as much air as possible, whilst keeping noise levels to a minimum. More effort has been put in to make sure the fans looks great too.

The original SP and AF series from Corsair were some of the first fans available which were available in an air flow variant, or a static pressure variant. This allowed you to keep the same theme throughout the case, without having to use different makes and models of fan. They also came with a choice of three coloured rings which could easily be swapped in order to colour match to your system as closely as possible.

Now, there’s a new LED version of the AF series. RushKit gives us a quick look around the fans to see what they’re like in action.




Corsair AF Series LED Fans




We loved the first version of the air series fans – TTL uses them himself in his Orca build, and they prove to be incredibly popular over on the OC3D forums. We think these new LED versions are even better!

Currently, the fans are only available in the AF Quiet Edition variation and come in 120mm and 140mm sizes. As we saw from the original Air Series fans, the Quiet Editions stay very quiet, yet still move a substancial amount of air. We are hoping in the future that Corsair release the performance edition versions of these, as well as the SP series with LEDs too.

As you’d expect with LED fans, the AF LED series uses frosted clear fan blades in order for the LEDs to light up the entire fan. This means in the dark, the fans blades stand out from everything else in your case, and if that’s the effect you want, then these might just be the fans for you.

The fans are currently available in Red, Blue, Purple and White, although we are hoping to see a Green variant in the future, as well as SP LED range. All in all, we think these fans look great, and they could be a great addition to your PC to make it not only cooler, but quieter and great looking too!

Thank you to Corsair for providing the fans. You can discuss your thoughts over on the OC3D forums.