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Corsair AX860i AX760i Video Review  


The original gold rated AX PSU's have been a firm favorite here at OC3D since they were first launched, gold rated in both efficiency and by us with review awards, fully modular, awesome performance with both wattage available and ripple suppression. All this squeezed into an ATX spec 160mm long housing made these perfect for many cases short on space. So the new AXi's have a lot to live up to, with a new OEM and new branding can Corsair really pull it off again?

Regular readers will be familiar with James being our resident PSU tester, sadly after one too many powr supplies giving him an electric shock or blowing up in his face Jim has decided to retire from PSU testing before his 9 lives completely run out!

So sadly we will have to work on the information we have available which does mean we wont have pages of charts for you to try and decipher today. You've seen an idiot abroad well this is an idiot talking about power supplies!


From reading around are forums and the thousands of comments we get on YouTube the fact the AXi's are being manufactured by Flextronics and not Seasonic seems to have caused quite a stir. So lets just clear a few things up, the original AX1200 was made by Flex and so was the AX1200i. Corsair released the big daddy PSU first which must show some confidence with the brand. The AXi's are built on the Flex platform but the PSU boffins at corsair have had a lot of design input with the PSU, much more so than before Im hearing. The main reason to switch all the AXi's over to Flex was however because of the DSP feature (Digital Signal Processor) which delivers very clean power and manageable power and these are the first of their kind in the desktop market to deliver their power digitally. The self test switch is a great touch and will help users rule out PSU problems when our rigs are having difficulties and lets face it we all have them eventually. The units are also designed to meet server grade requirements of max load being kept inside ATX standards at 50c, this is a huge ask and can be something many units fail on. All of this from a single 71.6 amp 12v rail (859.2W) isn't to be sniffed at, when running at lower levels the PSU will stay completely passive up to 258w (30%) load or unless your ambient temperatures start to get a bit warm although the PSU can be monitored and controlled in the Corsair Link software along with a virtual multi rail system including a user set OCP (over current protection), load voltage and temperature monitoring!

Thankfully the AXi's have kept the fully modular cabling which is can be a god send when trying to keep cables tidy, one point to mention is that the new red branded AX PSU's (AX1200i, AX860i, AX760i, AX860 and AX760) are NOT compatible with the individually braided cables available for the older AX PSU's. Kits will be available shortly but I can confirm there are some wiring changes so they are not interchangeable. 

So because we can not accurately test the PSU's and do not want to waste our time with multimeter's which lets face it show us nothing the Link software couldn't we have decided not to give a full verdict. This is for no other reason than we wanted to starve the trolls a little this time! We are pretty sure from the information in the video and written above coupled with a 7 year warranty you should be able to have a good guess at what award this would have achieved should we have been able to give it a thorough testing. If you would like an indication as to our thoughts of the PSU's the AX860i will be going in the Orca Memorial Build and the AX760i is pencilled in for a project that will be starting shortly called TNR, this is the replacement for 'The NurburgRig'. You know you are on to a good thing when a reviewer uses a product in his own personal rigs and would happily spend his own money purchasing them too!

We would like to thank Corsair for the AXi's, you can discuss you thoughts on this review good or bad in the OC3D Forums.