Corsair Brings Flash Padlock 2 Pen Drive with 256-Bit Encryption Page: 1

Corsair has come out with a new USB flash drive that features built-in 256-bit hardware encryption. Dubbed the Flash Padlock 2, the new USB flash drive has become the most secure pen drive available in the market. This should come as welcome news for those users who need encryption for carrying sensitive data on their USB flash drives.

The Flash Padlock 2 stands out from other encrypted flash drives currently available on account of its hardware-based encryption. Unlike other secure USB flash drives that ask for a password when the device is plugged into the computer, the Padlock 2 comes with its own PIN keypad. You can use this keypad to set your own personal identification number (PIN) of four to ten digits.

Even if the device is inserted into a computer, all your data is locked within the device until such time as the PIN is entered. If by any chance, you forget your PIN, you can reset it with the button on the top. This however, will also erase all data inside. Additionally, the device comes with a lockout feature that automatically locks the drive for two minutes after three failed login attempts.

Corsair has made the Flash Padlock 2 compatible with all three major operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac. The Flash Padlock 2 comes with 8GB of storage capacity and is priced at $55. The manufacturer is extending a 10-year limited warranty on the device.

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