Corsair Launches New Power Series PSU Range Page: 1
Energy Efficient & Quiet
Corsair Power CX400WCorsair have announced their new range of PSU's yesterday, in an official press release. Dubbed the 'Power' series', the new PSU's are claimed to offer great energy efficiency and low noise levels. With a nice design and sleeved cables, the PSU's certainly look good. The first model to appear under the new moniker is the Corsair Power CX400W which, as it's name suggests, is a 400 watt model. The CX400W is cooled by a single thermally controlled 120mm fan and Corsair are claiming that it can deliver greater than 80% efficiency whilst running cool and quiet.
In the press release, Jim Carlton, Vice President of Marketing at Corsair had the following to say:
“Corsair is very proud to announce an entirely new product line for builders with lower power requirements, with the first product in the Power series, the CX400W, system builders who don’t need high-wattage power supplies finally have an inexpensive and high-quality solution.”
This PSU would make an attractive consideration for those building HTPC or SOHO systems, and they certainly wouldn't break the bank. The new PSU is available to buy now at around USD $59.99 (which is currently around the £35 mark). You can view the product page within the Corsair website here. You can discuss in our forums here.