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Corsair Obsidian 900D Review 


So if you've not heard about the new Obsidian what rock have you been hiding under? It's been all over the web since it first got seen properly at CES. This does mean this is the replacement for the 800D, which when first released and still to this day a case that we were not and are not, all that impressed with here at OC3D. So in our eye we have several areas that we will be being very strict with, air flow and layout being the top of our list. So without further ado lets take a quick glance at the specifications and then get comfy for our feature length 101 minute video behemoth!


Case TypeSuper Tower
Motherboard SupportE-ATX
Micro ATX
Mini ITX
Power Supply SupportATX
Maximum GPU Length 
PCI Expansion Slots10
External 5.25" Drive Bays4
External 3.5" Drive Baysn/a
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays9
Internal 2.5" Drive Bays9 (using internal 3.5" bays)
Front I/O Panel2 x USB 3.0
4 x USB 2.0
Removable Motherboard TrayNo
CPU Mounting Hole in Motherboard TrayYes
Dimensions (W x H x D)252 x 691.60 x 649.60 mm
Front3 x 120mm AF120L Case Fans
Rear1 x 140mm AF140L Case Fan
Watercooling SupportYes
Radiator Supportup to 360mm Front
up to 480mm Top (or 420mm)
up to 480mm Bottom Side 1 (or 420mm)
up to 240mm Bottom Side 2 (or 280mm)
120mm Rear (or 140mm)
Radiators NOT Included
Additional Information
Special FeaturesUp To 15 Total Fan Mounting Locations
9 Tool Free 3.5" Drive Bays
Four Tool Free 5.25" Drive Bays
Tool Free Side Panel Access
Magnetic Latch Nottom HDD/Radiator Chamber Access
Full Side Panel Window
Removable Lower Radiator Covers
Three Hot Swap Bays
Dual PSU Locations 

Video Review


Okay so let's not beat about the bush here, that's our longest video review to date. Why? Well if you hadn't noticed the case is jam-packed full of features without being jam-packed full of gimmicks like LED's and fan controllers. Corsair have delivered a case that can take pretty much any hardware and cooling setup and left the rest up to us. They know full well if you have the money to buy this case and the hardware required to justify it that you will have some very specific requirements when it comes down to what fan controller you want or if you want to light your hardware up. So they've left it out and kept the price down.

Now price. £299 doesn't make it a budget case or something everyone is going to want to purchase. Again they are fully aware of this and that's the whole point. It was built and designed to hold an extreme system. You wouldn't have a £3000 system and a £30 case now would you?

There were many times during the assembly of the system we thought we had found some oversights, but for the most part each time we did we found screws to remove the offending object. For example, the front lower fan mount and the top optical bay runners (see video). The case isn't entirely oversight free though. The PCI slot mounts or expansion port thumb screws how ever you would like to name them are restricted by the side of the case with absolutely no way of getting a screw driver to them. We were lucky when building this system but we have had many moments in the past when GPU's just don't quite line up and its taken a screwdriver and a bit of leverage on the thumb screw to get the thread started. If that happened in this case it could become a mission to get things fitted. We also feel there are many places on the case that are vented that didn't really need to be, and if for some reason Corsair are sure they do then that would mean no dust filters on these locations is an oversight. The sheer size of these vented areas would mean you would have to be running a very high positive pressure in the case to make sure these didn't start drawing in dust from outside the chassis.

Water Cooling options are probably the best out of the box (no extra purchase required) of any case on the market today. The sheer size of the case will mean anyone looking to water cool it will have to think long and hard about hosing to keep things tidy, but if you are willing to put the effort in it can be done. It's worth noting that you can get hose up the back of the motherboard tray just to hide things as much as possible. Talking of cooling its not just a case for water, there's ample room for the largest of CPU heat sinks and with all the fan mounting options there's no lack of airflow with this Obsidian!

We could rattle this written conclusion on for pages, but that is really what all 101 minutes of the video is for. We honestly think this is jewel in Corsairs chassis crown. Sure £299 isn't cheap but if you are looking to build your dream PC case with multiple water cooling radiators, massive motherboards and still keep things cool and quiet we don't think you'll be able to find anything cheaper or as easy to use. The only thing we think Corsair has missed is there isn't a white one......... Yet ;)


Thanks to Corsair for the 900D on test here today, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.