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Corsair Release Individually Sleeved Modular Cables


It seems we've been talking and Corsair has been listening once again, in a few mods i have seen recently, it seems people have been sleeving individual cables instead of complete collections of cables, and this has produced a stunning effect when done correctly, it appears Corsair have noticed this and decided rather than to just continue on with what they were doing, to get on with improving one of their core products.

It seems they've come up with a genius idea that rather than spec'ing up your own set of individually sleeved aftermarket cables, which are extensions and clip on to the existing PSU cables, which therefore result longer in much longer cables. This also means you have a much harder job trying to keep your cables behind the motherboard tray tidy and even in some cases hard to get the back panel refitted!

Whereas, if you have a corsair PSU, which i know most people reading this, being enthusiasts, will do, you can just swap your current cables out for nice individually braided, professional quality, genuine corsair cable kit.


Corsair Release Individually Sleeved Modular Cables


They will be on sale in the UK soon, prices are only given in $ not £, so once they get over here, imagine prices to be similar, they are listed at $79.99, $89.99, and $99.99 for the different PSU's that they fit.

the $79.99 one fits the Professional Series HX / Enthusiast Series TXM Series

the $89.99 one fits the Professional Series AX850/AX750/AX650

and the $99.99 one fits the Professional Series Gold AX1200

We have to admit on the face of this we think its an absolute genius idea and cant believe no one has done it sooner. If one of the extension cable manufacturers had done this we dont think they could have made them quick enough. Finally you can buy off the shelf extension cables in a range of colours for your PSU. Keep your eyes peeled for the OC3D review in the next couple of weeks. 

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