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International Overclocking Experts Assemble at Hong Kong Dragon Centre
AOCC 2008
In just over two days the cream of the overclocking community will be pitting their skills against one another in an effort to be crowned the winner of the Advanced Overclocking Championship 2008 (AOCC 2008). Contestants for the Advanced Overclocking Championship 2008 hail from all over the world. Last year's event which was held in Singapore, Malaysia was won by Australian Tim Marshall; a veteran of the overclocking scene.
There are a number of sponsors involved as you can imagine, and this year ASUS (HK) will be involved as the provider of technical support for the event.
This year, we have the honor of inviting ASUS Technology (HK) Ltd as the co-organizer for AOCC 2008. They will provide all of the technical support required throughout this occasion. Other hardware and software sponsors include companies such as: Intel, Nvidia, Kingston, FSP & Western Digital all of whose support for this international event is truly indispensable.
What a truly awesome event to attend! I can imagine the calibre of overclockers who will be attending - giorgioprimo; shamino; Fugger; k|ngp|n; ZoLKoRn; Tim Marshall; Dimas, and Hicookie to name but a few.
Spare a thought for the tortured hardware :)
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