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Cracks appear in the iPhone 3G iPhone 3G cracks
It appears that Apple are having some issues with their new iPhone 3G. People are reporting cracks appearing in the iPhone 3G's case and the white version appears to be the most affected - more than likely due to increased visibility of the dark fracture on the white case as opposed to any differences in materials between the white and black units. Apple is aware of the issue and their retail stores are reportedly replacing the defective units free of charge on the spot. However, the cracks appear to be the beginning of Apple's problems:
The news of the cracked iPhone 3Gs comes just a day after the phone was likened to Windows Vista in USA Today. The USA Today article pointed to supply problems, a cumbersome activation process, overloaded activation servers during launch day, and issues with the 2.0 firmware. (Source)
Was the iPhone 3G rushed out as an unfinished product? Have you or somebody else experienced the cracking?
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