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Creative: Asus Misleading Customers on EAX Drivers.
ShackNews have reported that PC sound card maker Creative Labs today said that rival hardware manufacturer Asus is misleading its customers by claiming that new drivers for Asus sound cards support EAX, a set of environmental enhancements for sound in games.

Responding to an announcement by Asus that newly released drivers for its Xonar line of sound cards support EAX, Creative communications VP Phil O'Shaughnessy said that the drivers effectively trick games into outputting EAX-capable sound.

"There are a small number of PC game titles that specifically query the audio device on the system to see if EAX 5 is available before they will attempt to render more than 64 3D simultaneous audio voices," O'Shaughnessy said.

"The new Asus drivers are falsely reporting EAX 5 capabilities in order to get these games to output 3D audio on Asus sound cards. Asus customers are not getting a genuine EAX Advanced HD experience with this driver update," he added.

High-definition sound and environmental effects have become an increasingly important feature for PC gamers, with complaints prompting Creative to release a software fix to remedy the lack of EAX effects in legacy titles on Windows Vista.
So have ASUS have been faking support for EAX in the very same Xonar drivers which they talk about in one of our earlier articles posting their press release for one of their sound cards? (found here.)
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