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CryoCryo Unveils UK's Fastest PC

Computer retailers generally tend to shy away from benchmarking and overclocking activities, but UK PC maker Cryo has taken a step forward by announcing its new Velox PC. Featuring a Core i7 965 Extreme CPU overclocked to 4.8GHz, the retailer has created what is possibly the fastest retail PC in the UK.

This incredibly fast Cryo PC has already jumped to the top of the speed leaderboard for Custom PC's benchmark with a score of 2,813 points. This score is 223 points ahead of the system created by Barron_Greenback from the UK benchmarking community Benchtec using a Corei7 965 Extreme overclocked to 4.65GHz. An upgrade to the earlier Cryo Velox, which was overclocked to 4.65GHz, this revised version uses a custom-designed phase change cooler to cool the CPU.

The water-cooling loop from the earlier version is still in place and handles cooling for the remaining parts, including the chipset and a GeForce GTX 295 graphics card. Alan Johnson from Cryo explained that the difference between the Cryo cooler and other coolers was that the Cryo one uses different gases and has a more powerful compressor. The Cryo team has achieved a major feat, as the cooler has the ability to keep the CPU temperature down to -40°C without making too much of noise.

To achieve the 4.8GHz overclock, the team adjusted both the QuickPath Interconnect frequency and the multiplier. A 3GB kit of Corsair PC3-16000 overclocked to 2.133GHz were also used in the prototype machine used for testing. However, the company can’t guarantee that the machine will be stable for all purposes as the high benchmark speeds put it right on the edge of stability.

Other features of this fastest PC include a 120GB OCZ Core V2 SSD and a RAID0 array of two 1TB Seagate 7200.12 drives for storage. The entire assembly is housed inside a modded Lian Li A70 case adjusted to accommodate the phase change cooler at the bottom and a triple-radiator on the top.

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