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CryEngine 3 Released
Crytek's next-gen-ready CryEngine 3 has officialy been announced and is available for third-party developers now. The engine allows developers using a single editor and dev PC, to create and test a game for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same time.
Crytek's press release says "CryEngine 3 features real-time conversion and optimization of assets and cross-platform changes that significantly reduce the risk of multiplatform development." This should improve the quality of muliple platform games, as the engine optimizes the code for each individual console, the developer only needs knowledge of PC development.
"With its scalable graphics and computation it is next-gen-ready and with new features like CryEngine 3 Live Create the best choice for game developers and companies developing serious games applications alike," says Crytek boss, Cevat Yerli. "It is the only game engine solution that enables real-time development and can ensure teams are able to maximize their own creativity, save budget and create greater gaming experiences."
This should pave the way for some more visually stunning games over the next few months, Crysis 2 being one of them. It should also open up a whole new door for developers who were previously tied to a single platform. For more information, you can read Crytek's press release here.
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