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TUL Corporation – the makers of PowerColor brand of graphics cards today announced the addition of the PCS+ HD 6970 card to its lineup. Based on the latest Radeon HD 6970 card from AMD, the new GPU features a custom made cooler and is factory overclocked.

The PowerColor PCS+ 6970 is a card designed for enthusiasts and extreme gamers and boasts of a massive 2.9 teraFLOPs of absolute computing and graphics processing power. To ensure enthusiasts get the max out of their card, TUL has factory overclocked the card core to 940MHz while the 2GB of GDDR5 memory has been tweaked up to 1425MHz. No doubt enthusiasts will want the 1536 stream processors on their cards further, and for this TUL has equipped the card with a special, custom designed cooler.

The cooling solution on the PCS+ HD 6970 comes with dual fans, each fan carrying large 92mm blades. Heat dissipation is achieved through the three large 8mm heat pipes and the copper base, which covers the GPU end-to-end. Compared to the reference card, this specially designed cooler keeps the PowerColor PCS+ 6970 cooler by 20%, while running at 10dB lower sound output.  

For connectivity, TUL has given the HD 6970 multiple options including two DVI, one HDMI 1.4a, and two mini DisplayPort 1.2 connectors. There is also full CrossFireX support for multi-card setups, making the PCS+ HD 6970 a highly attractive card for extreme gamers.

“Ultra cool, Ultra Performance is the gaming experience we want to deliver to all users of the PCS+ series,” Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation said regarding the new card. “I believe the PowerColor PCS+ HD6970 provides the performance that satisfies the hardest, of hardcore gamers.”

PowerColor will be offering the card next month, bundled with the blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. No pricing details have been provided.

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PowerColor PCS+ HD 6970  PowerColor PCS+ HD 6970