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D-TEK FuZion V2 Now in Stock
For those of you looking to invest in a quality CPU block with proven performance,  the D-TEK FuZion V2 is out and looking like a winner. Some features here for you to slaver over:

* Full Copper 110 baseplate featuring over 340 dense Rounded Nano Pins and 1.4 sq." pin spread optimized for large die Dual and Quad core processors.
* Airfoils are used to optimally direct water flow throughout the block.
* Anti-oxidant treated precision machine lapped copper baseplate.
* Sleek styled Black Delrin Top has embedded brass threaded inserts for durability and lightweight construction.
* Black Delrin Mid Chamber is pressure balanced and internally optimized for rapid water transfer and perfect for multiple block loops.
* Pre-Installed Chrome Plated 1/2" or 3/8" Hi-Flow Hose barbs included.
* Includes all hardware and Chrome Plated S/S 304 Intel®775 Pro Mounting Plate with backplate and Intel/AMD universal mounting plate that are compatible with most modern motherboards featuring mounting holes around the socket area.
* Optional Nozzle Kit provides even more performance and precise tuning for the ultimate flexability.
* Optional Quad Core block insert is the most advanced Quad Core optimized cooling available.
* Optional Quick Mount allows Intel®Socket 775 mounting without motherboard removal.
* 100% leak tested prior to distribution.
* Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor.


The D-TEK FuZion™ v2 comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and brackets for the following CPU sockets

AMD Processors:

* AMD AM2 via 4-holes through the motherboard.
* Socket 754/939/940 (all AMD Athlon™ 64 series) via the 2-holes screwing into the socket back-plate method.
* Socket 462 (AMD Socket A) via the 4-holes through the motherboard method.
Important Note: AMD 462 Socket lug mounting is not supported.

Intel® Processors:

* Socket 478 (Intel® Northwood P4/EE) via the 4-holes through the motherboard by removing the black plastic heatsink retention frame.
* Socket 775 (Intel® Socket T Prescott-style LGA) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.
* Socket 423 (Intel® Willamette P4) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.
* Socket 771/603/604 (Intel® Xeon™ all versions) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.
D-TEK FuZion V2
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