Danamics Revamps The LMX Cooler Page: 1

Danamics first hit the CPU cooling scene two years ago, promising a new, innovative way to deliver top-notch performance with liquid metal cooling.  Unfortunately, their first foray, the LM10, ultimately proved to be a failure, struggling to keep up with the top heatpipe coolers while also costing more than a high-end watercooling setup.

Not willing to be denied, Danamics went back to the drawing board.  Just over a year later, their hard work manifested itself in their second generation cooler, the LMX.  Testing done by Clunk showed they were perhaps onto something, with the cooler beating out some of the current top contenders.  However, priced at €170, the LMX was still fairly cost-prohibitive.  In addition to this, the tester commented on a number of quality issues, saying the cooler seemed very much like a prototype.

With a possible reasonable solution in sight, Danamics once again went back to work to revamp the LMX.  Now it seems Danamics is ready to try the market once again, with the LMX Superleggera.  Changes include the inclusion of an improved power booster and bundle adjustments.  The power booster uses new connectors and a new, less sensitive pump.  The Superleggera will come in AMD- and Intel-only flavors, with a fan being an optional inclusion.

The most significant change, however, is in the price.  Danamics have managed to cut the cost almost in half, bringing the total down to €90.  This brings the cooler much closer in range to the top heatpipe contenders.  Seeing as the original LMX was able to bring in better performance number, Danamics may finally have a feasible solution on their hands.

The LMX Superleggera is expected to see official release on the 17th.