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Danger Den reveal new 'Hemlock' Waterblock
Danger Den's new 'Hemlock' WaterblockWaterblock manufacturers Danger Den have certainly been busy recently, unveiling their new ‘DD-5870-X2’ full-cover graphics waterblock. This news comes before AMD have even announced a release date for their upcoming dual-GPU monster, codenamed ‘Hemlock’, set to become their new flagship card.
This is early news, with Danger Den saying that they’ve “Just got the block base off the machines...need to wait for the retail version of the card for the final test fit.”
While Danger Den are calling the new card the Radeon HD 5870 X2, the jury is out as to whether ATI will actually release Hemlock as a 5800 series card, with the INF files in ATI’s recent drivers suggesting that the card will be branded as a Radeon HD 5900 part.
As Danger Den’s pictures show, the DD-5870-X2 is certainly a well machined block, having a similar flow design to their part for the 4870 X2, however it comes off as a much better looking product with curved edges and smooth channels routed throughout the base.
Danger Den have not yet announced pricing or a release date, although they have listed it in their store here. Provided they don’t have many hiccups with tweaking the design to fit the final cards, they should be set to launch at the same time that ATI’s retail cards start to hit the shelves.
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