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Cooling solutions manufacturer Danger Den today released their first cooling block for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580. Called simply the DD-GTX580 block, the liquid based cooling solution is a single slot system that fully covers the card and keeps all the major heat components of the of the card.

Danger Den has designed this new cooler in close coordination with Nvidia to tailor-fit it for the world’s fastest GPU. It comes with a monolithic copper base and a black chrome top. The DD-GTX580 has been released in two styles - one comes with a mirrored base finish while the other one is satin copper.

The DD-GTX580 continues the tradition of other Danger Den cooling solutions and provides superior cooling performance. It keeps the GPU nearly 30 to 50 degrees centigrade cooler than the reference card, which is a significant improvement, particularly for extreme gaming. The single loop block also means there is a high flow rate of coolant - ideal for drawing maximum performance from all components.

The design of the DD-GTX580 block has been created such that it covers and cools all the critical components of the card, including the GPU, memory chips, and the VRM on the underside of the PCB.

Danger Den has priced the mirror finish block at $146.95 while the satin copper base one costs $134.95. Both blocks have already started shipping to retailers.

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Danger Den DD-GTX580