DDR2 Prices Climb Above DDR3 Page: 1
DDR2 Costs more than DDR3
There may still be some price differences at online retailers, but not for long. The latest numbers from DRAMeXchange show DDR2 has surpassed DDR3 on the contract pricing scale for both modules and chips.
The average prices for this month, on 2GB DDR2 modules was $31.50, while 2GB DDR3 modules were a smidgen cheaper at $31.00. In addition to that, 1GB (128MB) DDR2 and DDR3 chips cost $1.78 and $1.75 respectively. Prices have been rising steadily since July, but the price of DDR2 has increased at a much faster pace since September.
To put this into perspective, stores will soon be charging around £50 for a 4GB DDR2-800 kit, the same as 4GB DDR3-1333 kit will set you back. Bad times or just a sign of DDR3 becoming more popular?
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