Death of News Page: 1

Death of News

OC3D Kills The News!

Many of you may have realised the news section has been up and down a bit of late. We have come to the conclusion that the news on the front page of the site is nothing but a waste of valuable time and space. So we have taken our brave pills and decided to bin the 'news section' off all together.

What we have been working on which took an immense amount of coding to get all our SEO working properly was split the site up in to 2 sections. Reviews will stay on the left where you are used to them but we will start featuring more content on the right under the 'articles banner'. This will include competitions, hardware first looks, more content, [email protected] updates, bench team updates and some other features that are still currently being held under the official OC3D secrets act!

Our long term goal is to bring you much more content on the front page of OC3D and also give our hardworking forum members that dedicate so much of their time to [email protected] and benching a chance to get their name in lights on the front page.

You can discuss your thoughts on this in our community forums.