Dell Discontinues 12-inch Netbooks Page: 1
No more larger netbooks from Dell
Dell Mini 12, is no more.Dell has officially stopped producing 12 inch netbooks. Although, the company will continue to produce 10 inch netbooks.
Dell claims that the decision was made because most customers prefer a smaller, 10inch screen for netbooks. They later went on to say that, the larger 12 inch screen required more horsepower to run, which we know isn't true as they run at the same resolution. The larger screen will use more power, but that is it. Most users would be happy to trade a bigger screen for less battery life.
However, there is some speculation that Intel could be behind the move. Intel don't like them as they detract from the dual core notebook range, where their profits are higher. To try and combat this, they have priced atom chips depending on their use, if its for a 10inch netbook it will cost so much, but if its for a 12inch then it will cost more. Bad move and I can't see this going down too well with the authorities.
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