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Dell Joins The ULCPC Fray
With the apparent growing popularity of the ultra-low cost PC (ULCPC) platform, it was inevitable that major PC manufacturer Dell would join in eventually.  At a Tel-Aviv news conference CEO Michael Dell made a response to HP's announcement of the HP 2133 Mini-Note, saying:
"We will introduce a similar laptop. We do see opportunities for very interesting products that are smaller and lighter and address the more mobile users in a very cost-effective way."
CNN has reported that Dell's foray into the market will be manufactured by Compal Electronics.  The laptops will be shipped to Dell in quantities of 200,000-300,000 each month starting as early as June.
Dell will be coming into this pretty late in the game, with options from the likes of ASUS, ECS, Intel, HP, and whoever else decides to join in already out on the market.  However, considering the force the name Dell carries, their offering will find its share in the market quickly enough.
"Stay tuned," Dell said. "We will have some interesting products coming in that space over the next two quarters."
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