Dell signs up DSG...Dixons group to sell Dell PCs Page: 1
Dell making a splash in a consumer store near you!
Dell have signed a huge deal with DSGi, one of Europe's leading consumer retail chains.
This means that Dell's will soon be making their way onto consumer shelves alongside Packard Bell and HP.
Known for its adverts stating "You can't buy a Dell in a store", you will now (ironically) be able to buy a Dell in a store.
Mark Ormerod, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer business for Dell’s EMEA operations has this to say:
This partnership with DSGi means that consumers in nearly all major European countries can purchase Dell products through these stores. To maximize choice, Dell is offering a full portfolio of our award-winning products – from our high-end gaming systems, to notebooks and desktops that are perfect for everyday computing. With this agreement, consumers in Europe will have more choice than ever before, and experience the look and feel of our products before purchasing.
dell XPS gen 2
Being fair to Dell, the XPS Gen II isn't a bad bit of kit! 
A (very) rough tranlation would be:
Yay we can sell more stuff
One wonders if this isn't going to undermine the percieved value of Dell, who always manage to be very competitive precisely due to not having retail outlets.
Time will tell, but hey at least you can see how easily you can break your laptop before you buy it!
Want one now? Or just looking forward to playing with the latest tricked out XPS Gen II in a store near you?
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