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Dell aims to sell PC's at big box retailers

In what can only be described as surprise move, Dell is apparently adjusting their current direct-sales model to one which will utilise retail channels.

Last year however, Dell watched its numbers dwindle compared to long time rival HP, losing both revenue and market share. Couple Dell's market performance with an investigation into its financial practices, and Dell's former CEO Kevin Rollins resigned from the company, leaving Michael Dell to take back the helm.

Dell's return as CEO to the company he founded is already making waves. Dell this week announced that along with its current method of sales, it will now look into selling through retail channels.

Although Dell do conduct retail sales via kiosks in shopping centres throughout the US and Canada, it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the world react to the change. Plus, it could have the added benefit of inclusion for families or individuals alike who don't have access to credit cards/facilities, but yet who have the money to purchase a budget system.

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