Deneb AM3 chips will work in AM2+ socket Page: 1
Deneb AM3 chips will work in AM2+ socket
AMD's first 45nm native quad core codenamed Deneb and Deneb FX will be native socket AM3. However, socket AM3 and AM2+ are one in the same because they will have the same pin count. As a result if you plug Deneb in Socket AM2 it will work as DDR2 chip and if you plug it in socket AM3 it will work as DDR3.
This will be the first time after many years that AMD has decided to make an easy upgradeable CPU environment. In the past when AMD changed the memory support that would mean a new motherboard and a new CPU but this time moving to DDR3 will require a new motherboard but the same CPU will work in your old DDR2 socket AM2+ board and the new DDR3.

AMD will need to make Deneb and later Propus as attractive as possible in the light of Intel's Yorkfield and Nehalem.
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