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Deneb Has Got Some Speed
Last week, general manager of AMD's server and workstation division Pat Patla told CNet that their upcoming Shanghai server chip would be about 20% faster clock for clock than the current Barcelona core.  Now, a new source has shown up saying that the difference is actually closer to 15% and will also apply to the desktop counterpart, Deneb.  However, this source gave a rather tasty tidbit about Deneb: it can run at 4.3GHz...on air.
This rather nice-sounding achievement was achieved using a Scythe Mine heatsink.  The source says that 3.6GHz online decent cooling will be common.  You just need to make the right motherboard choice, with the SB750 southbridge chip being a must.  These speeds, coupled with the fact that Intel's upcoming Bloomfield chip supposedly doesn't improve on the Core architechture's gaming performance, leads the source to believe that Deneb will be the gaming chip to get.
Will these new chips allow AMD to gain back some ground?  With launch seemingly imminent, we'll soon find out.
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