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DFI Adds Blood Iron G41-T33 Motherboard
The new Blood Iron LanParty BI G41-T33 motherboard from DFIMotherboard manufacturer DFI yesterday added a new motherboard to its Blood Iron series with the launch of its LanParty BI G41-T33 microATX board. The LGA 775 board is designed around Intel’s G41 chipset and GMA X4500 IGP.
The Blood Iron LanParty BI G41-T33 supports both Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad processors. The board has space for dual-channel DDR3-800 or 1600 memory and a front bus that can support up to 1333MHz. Four SATA 3.0 ports, 5.1 channel audio, and one PCI-Express x16 slot round up the specifications.
The motherboard also carries DFI’s ABS II technology, which according to the manufacturer, allows the board to “automatically detect the installed CPU and upgrade its efficiency.” While it has not revealed pricing for the LanParty BI G41-T33, DFI claims that the same will be in “a reasonable range”. Availability too is yet to be announced.
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