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DFI Hybrid P45
DFI Hybrid P45-ION-T2A2 MotherboardDFI are always willing to pioneer new and radical ideas, and this one certainly is different. The Hybrid P45-ION-T2A2 motherboard is a solution to many peoples issues. Don't want a high powered system to browse the internet or check your emails, but still want to play games? Well usually you'd require two separate systems, an expensive KVM switch and a lot of cables. However, the P45-ION-T2A2 solves this issue by allowing you to run two separate systems from just one motherboard, shared or independently from each other.
The left side of the motherboard contains the components for the Intel Atom / Nvdida ION platform, whilst the right side contains all the usual P45, socket 775, features. All that is required to get two systems up and running is a DDR2 SODIMM for the Atom system, the rest is just standard hardware you would use for any desktop system.
This product won't be cheap, at $399 when it ships in November, but it will definitely be cheaper than two separate systems and all of the necessary networking hardware, that's for sure. A very useful product indeed!
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