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DFI LanParty Line Gains New Product Type

DFI is well-known for its LanParty line of overclocking motherboards that bear a dizzying array of tweaking options.  But what is the point of having so many options if you're CPU cooling isn't adequate to handle the overclock you are attempting to achieve?  DFI seeks to take care of this by developing their own, LanParty branded heatsink.  Featuring 6 heatpipes acting effectively as twice that number, this massive hunk of aluminium seems to slightly resemble the high performance Thermalright TRUE.  As DFI has worked with Thermalright before with their chipset cooling solutions, there is a reasonable chance this is yet another of their collaborations.

Will DFI's LanParty heatsink live up to the company's high reputation and prove to be a top-notch performer?

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