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Custom gaming system creator Digital Storm today introduced an all new high-end rig for its gaming followers in the form of the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System. According to the manufacturer, the fully-loaded gaming system is classically designed to meet the needs of the most demanding of gamers.

For starters, the entire set up is housed inside a HailStorm chassis and boasts on an Intel LGA 1366 platform. So users can easily fit a hexa-core processor into the rig if they like. The Sub-Zero also acommodates 12GB of RAM and up to two Radeon HD 5970 or four GeForce GTX 580 graphics cards. This means the Sub-Zero can work up a storm when it comes to powering the modern games of today.

The system also has more than enough space for a 1500W power supply, tons of storage, and two optical drives. With all this good stuff, Digital Storm has also thrown in TEC peltier coolers and clubbed these with liquid cooling components. The combination keeps the entire system chillingly cool; and as every enthusiast knows, such radically low temperatures are great for extreme overclocking.

Pricing for the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System has been set at $3,899, with immediate availability via the Digital Storm online store.

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Digital Storm Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System