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Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  


Dimastech have been making bench tables for years, any hardcore overclocker or industry proffesional wants or has one. There's a good reason too, the open top design makes working on or around your motherboard or GPU an absolute doddle. Recently Dimastech have staged a come back with a V2 version of their famous table that was starting to get very hard to get hold of in the UK. Thankfully OC3D have one in the labs for testing so lets move on and take a look at some specifications:


Lets head over the page for our first look.

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Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review

Initial Impressions

Firstly let me clear something up, regular readers may be sat in shock that the pictures are not edited on white backgrounds and following the usual OC3D format. The reason for this is once in the light tent the bench table has a cunning cloaking device and disappears into the back ground! The white walls in the office were bad enough!

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

Believe it or not the V2 is actually pretty hard to review as its almost self explanatory. When we first spoke to Dimastech about getting a sample we were given the choice of what colours we wanted our sent in. This is no easy choice as the range of colours is HUGE. In hindsight I wish i had got the table in blue just so I could have taken pictures in the light tent! The table is powdercoated to your colour of choice, and a very high standard powdercoat it is too. With an item that will get as much use as this a good tough powder is essential to keep it looking fresh for years of service.

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

As it's easy to see the motherboard goes on the top of the unit to give easy access to the components you are testing. There are also many cable routing points. Pretty much everything else goes underneath in any number of configurations thanks to the amount of mounts there are to choose from on the lower level. It's also worth pointing out there is a radiator mount that can accommodate any radiator on the market today up to a maximum 3x120mm (360mm). Power and reset buttons on the front are essential for motherboards without onboard buttons, and it's great to see a USB port on the front too. Sadly a big down point is the USB port connection for the motherboard is only a single row and thus has no indication which way it should be fitted. Its nothing short of a 50/50 guess which way to fit it and even I have lost a rather expensive USB drive by fitting the cable the wrong way round.

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

The table comes with several very well made adapter mounts for fitting 3.5" drives, optical drives and many different fan mounts to enable you to direct airflow at the right components. Sadly it has to be pointed out that the PSU bracket is not made from the same material, the PSU bracket is very very thin. When plugging in the power cord and even turning the PSU on and off the bracket bends very easily. It's a big let down compared to the other brackets and mounts and a strange one to say the least.

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

Dimastech sent us an adjustable fan bracket that you can buy as an optional extra. It simply screws into the top of the table and you can manoeuvre it to where ever you need the airflow.

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

Testing an item like this is easy but it doesn't really warrant temperature graphs so lets just take a look at the Bench Table in use. This is a great way to see how easy it is to get access to the motherboard and componants, but it also manages to keep all of the lesser changed parts such as the PSU, optical drive, hard drives and even a watercooling system tidy and safe in the lower level.

Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review     Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review  

Lets move on to the conclusion and wrap things up.

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Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review


Overclocking and benching is becoming increasingly popular, the need to be able to get on and around your hardware with a multimeter, or to pour some more liquid nitrogen, pretty much renders a normal case completely useless. You could always take the old school route and just stick the motherboard on a box but that's hardly the most secure option is it?

The Dimastech table allows you to mount your psu, optical and data drives and even watercooling out of the way in the lower level. This makes it so easy and quick to fit and even quickly change the motherboard and other components on it. Being able to access all these parts from every angle also makes it incredibly easy to tweak, test and maintain all the hardware on the higher level.

The table is available in any colour combination from the many RAL colour choices available. Being able to have your table in the exact colour you wish, and not just a boring black or white, is brilliant. Dimastech deserve some serious Kudos for this and will win plenty of fans because of it.

I need to explain I have had this unit here for some time as I was lucky enough to get a very early version, I started using the unit right away and was meaning to write this review very soon after, but such is a journalists life things can go from quiet to insanely busy when a group of manufacturers decide to release products all at the same time. I was fortunate enough to have been testing the table when such an incident happened. This meant that table has been used daily since it arrived, a barrage of motherboards, heatsinks, graphics cards and ram have all been on and off this table so many times ive lost count. yet apart from the PSU bracket it looks as good as the day it arrived.

Quite simply if you test hardware proffesionaly, or as a past-time, I really can not put in to words how much of an asset the table will be for you. It has made my work so much easier to do it's unreal. The only thing I need to try and do now is convince Dimastech that they need to send me some more so I can distribute them throughout the review team!

The Dimastech Bench Table is easily deserving of the OC3D Editors choice because yet again, it would be exactly that.

The Good
- great access to motherboard and surrounding components
- modular design and fitting
- wide range of colour options
- essential kit for overclocking proffessionals and enthusiasts alike

The Mediocre
- PSU bracket is far too thin and likely to break

The Bad
- We only got sent one!

 Thank you to Dimastech for the sample today, you can discuss this and many other reviews in our forums.