Divx Video Technology Enabled on Latest AMD Imageon Processors Page: 1
Divx Video Technology Enabled on Latest AMD Imageon Processors
AMD and DivX, today, said they would enable the playback of DivX encoded video on mobile and consumer devices powered by AMD Imageon A250 processors. If the manufacturers decided to turn on the functionality it will give DivX a good boost in the amount of "DivX-Enabled" products currently on the market.
The two companies will be working with each other to get this status for the Imageon. The Imageon was developed by former ATI and unveiled in March 2008. The processor itself has the power for video playback, video recording, photo imaging and even high-res display support.
Including the DivX codec in the AMD Imageon application processor brings additional value to our OEM customers, helping them to deliver a robust mobile media experience. DivX technology is an attractive ingredient that enhances our offering for handheld devices, providing excellent quality and a high degree of accessibility, said Mark Bapst, chief technology officer for AMD’s handheld division.
Remember, some manufacturers may not even enable the support even if the chip can handle it. For example, the Imageon can create 3D games and also supports a camera but some manufacturers don't even include them.
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