Duke Nukem Forever Revived? Page: 1

Remember Duke Nukem Forever?  That game project that has constantly died and been revived over these past 13 years?  Well according to the latest rumor out of the mill, another studio is looking to truly bring this thing back to life.

According to gaming site Kotaku, sources say that Gearbox Software, the creative minds behind Borderlands, have taken up the project.  What's more, it appears they could even have a playable demo of the game out by the end of this year.

This intended sequel to Duke Nukem 3D was first announced back in 1997 by studio 3D Realms.  Over the years, release dates have been announced and deferred several times.  Finally, company downsizing required the game's development team to be let go in May of last year and the project was thought to be lost.

Currently, Take-Two Interactive still holds the publishing rights for the game.  As expected, they declined to comment when asked by Kotaku about this possible development.  A similar response was had from Gearbox's president, though they did get an indication that something might be said about things at PAX Seattle next month.

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