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Early B0 Stepping Nehalem Benchies B0 Stepping screenshot
If you're like us and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Intel's Nehalem then you may just enjoy this little snippet. The lads at XtremeSystems have conducted some preliminary wPrime and CINEBENCH benchmarks on a B0 stepping Bloomfield processor running at 2.93GHz. According to the screenshot, Nehalem's multithreading performance is at around 50% increase over an equivilently clocked QX9650.
Whist I would  usually reserve judgement until Overclock3D get one of these badboys in for review, the proof appears to be in the pudding.
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Bring 'em on Intel we hate waiting!
Will Nehalem be the AMD 'killer' as predicted? Hopefully not, but I can't see anything competitive enough coming from the AMD camp anytime soon.
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