Early Dual GTS250 Card Performance Revealed Page: 1

A couple weeks ago, Galaxy revealed plans for a dual GTS250 graphics card.  Featuring a pair of low power G92-426 GPUs linked by a BR04 bridge chip combined with 1GB 0.8ns memory,  this would be the first and only card of its kind.  Expreview has gotten their hands on the first test sample and has released early performance numbers.

We can see that this test card comes bearing a fairly large heatsink, with air being supplied by Galaxy's extra fan card with three PWM fans.  Clocking in at 675MHz/2000MHz/1696MHz (core/memory/shader), the dual GTS250 scores a respectable 17493 in 3DMark06.  Looking at this screenshot, we can see the test platform consisted of a Core i7 920 clocked at 3.6GHz and 6GB RAM running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Expreview also took the time to run 3DMark Vantage, yielding a GPU score of 11355 at performance settings.  As a comparison, they also ran the test with a GTX280, which managed a score of 10840.

Various companies have released dual Nvidia GPU, single PCB cards in the past.  Of particular note is ASUS with their dual 6800GT and 7800GT attempts.  Unfortunately, none of them really caught on at the time, suffering from impractical designs and limited availability/higher prices.  However, Galaxy's card seems to have a clean, if a bit large, design, so should it be priced right, it may avoid the fate of its predecessors.

Currently there is no word on pricing or availability.