Early Nvidia Card Listings Spotted Page: 1
Early Nvidia Card Listings Spotted Austin Computers web page
A couple of rather interesting item listings were recently spotted on the website for Australian e-tailer Austin Computers. These listings give tentative release timeframes for two new Nvidia GPU-based cards.

The first listing is for the already known 55nm revision of the GTX 280, with the name showing as the GTX 280+. Contrary to a recent report of a delay to the fourth quarter, the title of the listing suggests we may see a release this month after all.

Perhaps more intriguing is the second listing. This one bears the name GTX 350, a card based on a as-of-now fairly unknown 55nm GT300 GPU with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. Hardspell published  an article back in June giving some possible specs. However, they were dismissed then and now as fake. Based on the 2GB memory size, perhaps this is a GTX 280+-based GX2 card. The listing suggests we'll find out sometime in the fourth quarter.

What do you make of these early card listings?

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