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Sale of one million bank account details on eBay highlights data security threat
An old PC containing the bank account details of over one million customers has been sold on eBay’s British auction site for a paltry $75. The computer belonged to data processing company Mail Source, a subsidiary of Graphic Data, a company that holds financial information for banks and other organisations.

It is believed a Mail Source employee removed the computer from the company’s secure site in Essex and sold it on eBay, mistakenly believing the computer was clean. The details, including account numbers, maiden names and signatures, belonged to customers of American Express, NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Graphic Data says it is investigating the matter and eBay says such an item should not have been offered on the site.

It is the second big data security breach in Britain in a week. A few days ago, a computer containing the personal details of every prisoner in England and Wales was lost by a government official.
I'm absolutely speechless. How in the hell was this allowed to happen? Surely an organisation that deals with confidential information would have a better system for retiring older machines than this!! Companies need to be much more responsible in their safeguarding of data...
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